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Sinfully Sexy and Always Ready

My Ecstatic Massage Session is a plunge into overwhelming bliss, sensual trance and deep healing bodywork! I invite you to relax your mind and open your heart, allowing your only focus to be the movement of my body gliding over yours, driving titillating energy around and through you with a spontaneous dance of pressure pleasure play. Deep, light, soft, strong, close, far, but always in contact. Once our session begins there will never be a moment that my body is not touching yours, until we say farewell and I send you, lovingly back out into the world, feeling like a new being! I encourage you to allow my touch to be a trigger for deep, slow inhalation, inviting you to breath into the luscious landscape of my body as it traverses yours. Ecstatic massage is an explosive inward journey of erotic elevation, quiet relaxation and sultry surrender. You are welcome to express anything you might desire to before our session begins, but as we start to dip into to body play I encourage you to remain silent and allow yourself to fully drop into the experience. Let me be your guide and I will lead you through blissful valleys and exhilarating peaks of pleasure as you learn to truly receive.
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