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What is a Prostate Massage or Prostate Stimulation?



There was a time when doctors would massage their patients’ prostates regularly to cure or prevent problems. Nowadays most doctors only check the prostate during an examination, and if they find a problem, they prefer to cut it out. (Which could, not always – cause permanent impotence!) Or they will prescribe drugs to help, which includes many effects to the rest of your body! But you need not go to a doctor for a preventive prostate massage. You can be trained to do it yourself or come in for a gentle prostate massage. Your prostate is considered your Male G-Spot. Massaging your prostate or Male G-Spot can make this a very gentle and pleasurable experience as well as healthful. Prostate Stimulation or Prostate Massage can help to unblock the seminal fluids so it is easier to ejaculate and urinate while shrinking your prostate with no side-effects like prescription drugs offer. Your prostate health is your responsibility so make sure you check with your doctor and get a prostate massage.


 Male G-Spot or Prostate Health Tips


Prostate Check. The cause of prostate problems can be found through ejaculation and the semen. Since ejaculation is a function of the prostate gland, any problem with ejaculation points to a problem in the prostate. Five symptoms to look for:

  1. The semen is not shot out as far as it should be. The prostate is functional but weak.

  2. An abnormally small amount of semen. About one tablespoon of semen is considered to be normal. Any amount less than this indicates digestive problems.

  3. Abnormal semen. Normally semen smells and tastes lie Vitamin B. Bitter-tasting semen indicates high levels of toxins in the body. If the semen smells badly the morning after intercourse (the woman will notice a “dead fish” order coming from her vagina), a problem in the liver or nervous system of the man is indicated. Bad-smelling semen indicates that the liver is not filtering out the body’s poisons properly. This condition is especially noticeable in men with foreskins make the problem more apparent when it exists.

  4. Dripping semen. During ejaculation, instead of shooting out, the semen drips out of the penis. The dribbling during ejaculation indicates problems in the adrenal gland, the kidneys, and the bones (arthritis).

  5. Impotence, or the inability to retain an erection or reach ejaculation indicates a weakness in all four-erection energies –blood energy, muscle energy, nerve energy, and bone energy – and a lack of vitality in the entire body.

  6. Problems with the prostate must be resolved through proper ingestion of herbs and foods and use of Internal Exercises. If ignored, the man’s health will deteriorate. Unfortunately men are reluctant to deteriorate. Unfortunately, men are reluctant to discuss these problems. Call Mary now for a private appointment Prostate Massage. 




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